About NES

My name is Vanesa Lamko. I live in Albania and i work as an economist. I know this may sound strange but i am an economist by day and an artist by night. It started all as a hobby but now to me it is as important as my principal job. I have always been creative and always tried to do things in a different and unique way. I discovered 3d pen because my boyfriend used the printer 3d to print parts for his racing drones. I loved the idea that i could use the filaments to create a different kind of art. I used to draw whatever inspired me. But what i love the most about working with a 3d pen is the fact that i can use different materials, colours, dimensions and techniques. I feel free to create and to let go all of the stressful situations accumulated during the day. I never attended art school but i spent sleepless nights trying to learn and to understand how i could perfectionate my work. I love what i do and i try to give the best of me everyday, so that i can express myself and my thoughts through my 3d pen.